Easter Appetizer ~ Egg Salad Wraps

Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.
It is Christianity’s most important holiday.

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Good Friday 3-25-16

For those celebrating Easter, here’s a simple appetizer idea
to serve your family and guests.

Deviled Eggs are great appetizers. If you want to try something a little different using eggs, how about combining egg salad and greens. It’s as simple as making egg salad and scooping a portion on a leaf green. That’s it.

Here are a few leaf greens suggestions.
Butterhead lettuce
Looseleaf lettuce
Romaine lettuce

This is a loose recipe. Meaning, you can add more or less ingredients to the eggs. Just scale it to the amount of eggs used. It’s your egg salad. Get creative!

Egg Salad Wraps ~ Easter Sunday Appetizer


Recipe by Carmen Ortiz of sometimes SAVORY

hard-boiled eggs
course ground black pepper
sriracha sauce
red pepper flakes
paprika, to garnish. optional

Leaf Greens, such as looseleaf lettuce, romaine, butterhead lettuce, escarole, endive etc.


1) Boil eggs in water until hard-boiled.
2) Place hot, cooked eggs in cold water to cool down.
3) Remove eggs from water. Remove egg shells.
4) Dry the eggs with a paper towel.
5) Chop eggs. Place chopped eggs in a bowl.
6) Add salt, pepper, sriracha sauce, red pepper flakes and mayonnaise to chopped eggs.
7) Mix egg salad until combined.
8) Rinse leaf greens.
9) Dry leaf greens using paper towels or a salad spinner.
10) Place greens on a serving platter.
11) Scoop a portion of the egg salad over each leaf green.
12) Sprinkle with paprika. Optional.
13) Serve.


Have a Blessed Easter!

Happy 1st day of Spring 2016

~ Carmen

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