Red, White, and Green translates to…Caprese Salad

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Who likes Basil? Count me in. This herb is my hands down favorite.

Basil, coupled with mozzarella and tomato slices, is an Italian summer salad that I adore. I coat the tomatoes in a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and freshly grated garlic. Heavenly stuff.

caprese salad ingredients -sometimes savory

This is an easy recipe. I don’t list amounts to the ingredients below. Basically, I buy the mozzarella first and then buy the tomatoes based on how much cheese I have on hand.
The oil mixture amount I make is based on how many tomatoes used.
I make just enough oil mixture to coat the tomatoes.
I don’t use any acidity in this salad. But, feel free to add balsamic vinegar etc.

caprese salad..

Carmen’s Caprese Salad


Mozzarella cheese

Garlic- grated or finely chopped
Extra virgin olive oil

CUT mozzarella cheese in slices.
CUT tomatoes in slices.
TEAR leaves of basil from the plant.
OIL MIXTURE – COMBINE IN A SMALL BOWL: Salt, pepper, freshly grated garlic and extra virgin oil. Mix.
ADD sliced tomatoes to oil mixture to coat.

On a platter, in an alternating pattern, place a mozzarella slice, then tomato slice, and basil leaf. Continue until all product is used.
SPRINKLE with a dash of salt and pepper.

SERVE with delicious, crusty artisan bread.

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Speaking of Italian food, I was on a search for a great Pizza place. The pizza place I love is not close by since I’ve moved.
Found a pizza place in Millburn, New Jersey called FIAMMA PIZZA.

Pepperoni Pizza ~Fiamma in Millburn NJ
The pizza is made in an ACUNTO WOOD FIRED BRICK OVEN, hand made in Italy. The 100% wood burning oven cooks the pizza to perfection at a 900-degree temperature.

Bought a pizza pie to taste test. I loved it!!! Will definitely go back. I hope to take photos of the location and post photos on YELP.

32 Main Street
Millburn NJ,07041

~ Carmen

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